NDIS Funding Games Must Stop!

First the Liberals and Nationals held people living with a disability to ransom – wrongly trying to justify cuts to families, social security and vulnerable members of the Longman community in the name of the NDIS.

Then they wanted to increase the Medicare levy for people earning under $80,000 – until they dropped the idea, saying it was unnecessary. They also wanted to establish an NDIS Special Account – before this week scuttling this idea too.

The Government has spent years on unnecessary and elaborate excuses, holding people living with disabilities to ransom. Sign the petition and tell Scott Morrison to explain why his position on NDIS funding keeps changing.

The Government’s mismanagement of the NDIS is similar to what we've seen in the aged care sector, where our local seniors are being placed on waiting lists, experiencing unacceptable delays in the delivery of their packages.

Cases like this do not provide me with any confidence that the Morrison Government will be able to manage the NDIS roll-out any better than aged care.

Labor established and fully funded the NDIS – we are absolutely committed to it.

I will work with Labor to put all our effort into making the scheme work, not waste time frightening people with baseless claims of funding uncertainty.