National Broadband Network

The NBN rollout has been a disaster. So far connections are slow and unreliable, and that’s if you’re connected at all. The roll-out still hasn’t made it to a lot of Australia, which is totally unacceptable.

We in Longman placed our trust in the Liberal Party to build a broadband network that would bring us up to speed with the rest of the world, but the vast majority of Australians still get speeds slower than some developing nations. This is just not good enough. Those responsible need to be held to account. Some Labor members have started calling it the CBN for Coalition Broadband network and I agree – currently it really only serves the LNP’s purposes and not yours or mine.

Bribie Island has had a rough time in particular. The rollout of unreliable internet phone lines there has left vulnerable people, like our seniors and the disabled, with unreliable phone services when needing a stable phone line could mean life or death. But I know this isn’t the only area in our electorate that is struggling with the NBN.

Small businesses are also doing it tough. In today’s world having access to the internet is a requirement for operating a business and a fast connection can give you an edge over your competitors.  Foot-dragging and incompetence has left most of the nation with slow and unreliable connections that are costing us productivity and money. We had the Shadow Minister for Regional Communications and Infrastructure, Stephen Jones, host a round table discussion in Longman to listen to the real stories of how local small businesses are struggling due to the Government’s mishandling of the NBN.  We've listened, we've heard, and we're using this knowledge to shape our policy for the future.

It’s valuable feedback like this that has helped to shape our policy, which is why a Shorten-Labor Government will move to ensure small businesses and households get a fairer go by establishing penalties on NBN Co for underperformance. This will allow for compensation if your NBN experience isn’t up to scratch. We’re also calling for Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) at a minimum, instead of Fibre to the Node, in the areas where it’s feasible, to provide people in our area with better connections.

My staff and I hear constantly from locals about how they’ve struggled with the NBN and we’re happy to help those struggling with bungled rollout pass on their complaints. I and my colleagues in Labor want to show the Government how wrong they’ve got it. If you’ve exhausted all options with your internet service provider and need help with putting in a complaint, please get in contact with us via [email protected] with a detailed account of your issues.