Every single member of our community is valued in the contribution that they make to our region’s society and economy, and ensuring steady employment being able to support yourself and your family.

Disappointingly, a huge trend towards casualisation has left many of our workers under-employed, but still technically employed. The unemployment rate is lowering, but casualisation is rising and often means little to no guaranteed shifts or job security. Cuts to penalty rates by the Morrison Government will make it even harder to support yourself if you’re already under-employed.

The same is true for those relying on labour hire companies for work. If you’re one of these people, it’s not right that you could be paid a lower wage and a not be offered the same privileges as someone doing the same job on the same site as you. That’s why I support the steps the Palaszczuk Government is taking to crack down on labour hire companies and I also support a nation-wide solution to the issue.

457 visas also allow employers to pay foreign workers less to do a job an Australian could do, and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and the Morrison government have failed to make any real and effective changes to fight this.

I want to see more stable and secure jobs created for Longman locals, so that everyone has a fulfilling job. My position as chair of the Labor Jobs Taskforce means I get a national perspective of the under-employment crisis and I plan to use the experience to find the best solution to keep Longman working.  While the Morrison Government turns their back, Labor will always be the party who supports Australian jobs and local workers.