Having lived and raised a family in the local area for over 26 years, worked in the public education system and as a representative and advocate for working people, I know firsthand, the challenges local working people and families face every day.

I value equality

I believe in every child's right to high quality education from the early years to TAFE, VET, Tertiary and beyond. As a teacher aide for 10 years and a mother of two University students, one VET student and one secondary school student, I know education is the key to our children's future. Education is vital to the social and economic future of our country. Your postcode should not determine your choices or chances in life.

I also believe that your credit card should not determine the type of healthcare you can afford. Medicare and the integrity of the whole healthcare system need to be fiercely protected. All Australians need access to affordable, high-quality health care.    

I value fairness

I believe in a fair days work for a fair days pay - in a safe job, a secure job, a good job. I believe as a community we must strike a balance between the workers and their families; and the businesses that employ them. When we work together both workers and business help drive our economy forward.

As an advocate and representative for working people, I've seen how damaging it can be to workers when their rights are under attack. I will stand up for fairness in the workplace. We want our workers to feel safe, secure and valued.

I value growth

I believe that the infrastructure we need tomorrow needs to be built today. We must have a world class NBN; to connect us with the rest of the world, to help grow our businesses and to give our students the best possible opportunities. We need to make the type of investments that deliver a return to community in the form of jobs and productive infrastructure.


I will stand up for our community and take your voices to Canberra. Together we can shape a better future for Longman